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Learn our plays to maximize your effectiveness and potential during games
  • Our basic set
  • When the wing denies, we go backdoor
  • 1on1 option from the wing
  • Posting a mismatched wing
  • Dribble hand-off to 3 options
  • Pick n roll options
  • On a high post entry, the wing backcuts
  • Screen across, down screen action
  • Iverson-cut to free up denied wings
  • Flare screen when over-pressured
  • Double on-ball for multiple reads
  • Double-screen away, with an iso option
  • Pass, cut, penetrate, and kick
  • Get doubled, reverse, and flash
  • Box to option reads
  • Box to option reads
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  • Improve your speed with these drills
  • Drills to quickly increase your vertical leap!
  • These drills will improve your overall game
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Pick n Roll
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Euro Steps
Learn the six different variations of this popular, fun, and effective move.
From our game breakdowns, state why each clip was applied to the given focus
  • On shots, get low and hit your man away from the hoop
  • Minus the "get back", all players should crash
  • Be sure to talk loudly the majority of the game
  • On the shot, one offensive player needs to sprint beyond halfcourt
  • Minimize risks and allow the best to dribble
  • Utilize our 0-50-100 rule; with 5 exceptions
  • Occupy the lanes to help on drives and on-balls
  • Apply and handle pressure to the best of your ability
  • Sprint on inside and wing cuts to keep the defense honest
  • Whether in or out the game, be excited and energetic
  • Outside of sprinting and jumping, each player should remain low and strong
  • Without fouling, ensure the other team only takes contested shots