What's the deal?

Limtless Hoops is a year-round basketball league for 1st-12th graders and for 3-5 year olds. We've got 16 teams located in 4 specific areas to ensure we're able to serve most of Colorado. We have games, tournaments, workouts, camps, clinics, and much more that you can read about below.

What's our goal?

Our primary objective is to enable all players within our program to reach their full potential while having as much fun as possible. We've basically recreated a small version of the NBA, but the focus is on development rather than on making money. No matter how good you are, our goal is to get you to become a lot better.

Forever Discount

The first to sign-up for our official league get up to 66% off the normal membership fee, and you may keep your rate forever. In addition, the workouts and games offered prior to our league's debut are are included. Be sure to spread the word to others so they may take advantage as well. Pricing Options

Free Housing

The 16 clubs each provide an apartment for one low-income family per grade. This includes free tuition and travel. Proof of your low-income status is required. Families pay a small monthly fee (for security reasons) that's completely reimbursed at the end of the year. Hardship Application

16 Teams

We'll have annual draft picks, trade deadlines, all-star games, and travel teams. Tryouts for hardships, scholarships, and general membership will all be held annually in August just prior to each year's Draft. Our goal is to provide each player and team with the highest level of competition possible. Draft Board


7 days per week: skill workouts, team practices, monthly clinics, summer & winter camps, combines, shooting, open gyms, pick n roll workshops, boot camps, shooting assessments, and private sessions are all included to provide each player with the skill they need to reach their highest potential. View Events


We run our own monthly double-elimination local tournaments that include our 16 club teams for each grade level with a possibility of as many as 6 games for the weekend. Additionally, our elite teams travel to other states and countries to play the best throughtout the year. Tournament Info

The League

Year-round games for our official 16 club teams as well as other local teams that purchase credits. Schedules are perpetually provided 5 weeks in advance via an algorithm that strictly adheres to your preferences while adjusting each team's competition strength to fit each team. Pricing Options


All player stats are kept for our monthly tournaments, and all team stats (such as records, win streaks, team rankings, and more) are kept for our league. Our record books will forever be maintained so that players decades from now may motivationally compare themselves. View Stats


Our goal is to get every player recruited. Games for all elite teams and every tournament game are streamed live on YouTube, where we also have highlights, backstories, and much more. Our travel teams are scheduled to be seen by every college at all levels. Travel Tournaments


The coaches of each club team utilize our extremely detailed book to organize workouts and practices throughout the year to ensure they cover the gamut of what there is to learn. Our daily YouTube livestream is an interactive tool to assist each player grow even further. View Curriculum


From mascots to cheerleaders to a referee rating system, we have it all! Our players are pushed to their limits, as we push ourselves even further to create an amazingly fun experience for the players and spectators alike. Our entire staff is filled with hard-working, passionate individuals. View Job Options
Phase Spots Tuition* Features Added
1 26/48 $2,000 MWF Workouts + Games
2 0/96 $3,000 Wed: Clinics, Combines, PnR Workshops
3 0/256 $4,000 Tue Shooting, Thur Open Gym
4 0/512 $5,000 Mon Conditioning, Tue/Thu Practices
5 0/816 $6,000 6am Boot Camps, Fri Shooting Guru
Price Benefits
$300 Includes MWF Workouts & Games through August 2023, after which players may contend for a scholarship or pay full price.
$2,000* Includes all in the table above thru August 2023, plus the entire inaugural season thru August 2024. You may keep your rate forever.
$200* x 12 12 biweekly payments to secure what's immediately above. This option is more expensive and non-refundable even if stopped prematurely.