Your path defined

Each book contains a grade-specific dose of our daily itinerary, quotes, motivational stories, monthly sports movies, autonomous challenges, and an index of every drill we do. This is the exact roadmap toward your highest the book


4:30pm MWF Livestream

These thirty minute interactive broadcasts are meant to prepare players for the following day's workout or practice. Also included are random conversations about the sport, trivia, highlights, and more.visit channel


Instructional videos to assist

Search for any drill mentioned within our daily itinerary to watch a filmed demonstration to make your workout that much more efficient. Perfect these drills by also learning on your own.view drills

Playlist Access

Add your videos to our list

Monthly homework, daily challenges, today's workouts, your own workouts, or anything else. Gain access, upload your video to YouTube, go to the video, then click ADD TO PLAYLIST. See troubleshooting tips below. Gain Access

Motivational Stories

A new story every day

Short, animated videos of the stories within our book. Learn some of the world's most renowned thoughts to better yourself and those around you. watch today's video


To help you push yourself

Challenges ranging from easy to (nearly) impossible. Do you have the guts to try one out? Do you have the fortitude to attempt the most difficult ones? And are you such a legend that you'll complete every single challenge listed? view list

Earn Coins

via your hard work!

Each team has their set of coins you may earn throughout your time within any given system. You may use them to purchase merch or food at many of our events. All of this is designed to motivate everyone to work harder. view statutes

History of Hoops

Assists with trivia!

Instead of stumbling upon the greatest basketball moments by chance, we've organized a great deal of them right here for you to bear witness. Learn about the legends, be amazed by the lore, and be inspired to create more. view videos

Combine Testing

Can you beat the best?

We measure players to provide them with a relative assessment of where they're at and where they need to be in terms of skill, strength, and other attributes that directly lend themselves to success on the court. more info