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Join us June 6th-10th from 9am-3pm. We accept 5-18 year olds, and all players are grouped by their age and/or skill level. Learn the basics, practice amazingly fun moves, and play full games in an extremely motivating environment! $200/player (or free for members). Spots are limited, so sign-up fast. Book Now


We're a Broomfield-based basketball program for players of all ages who truly wish to improve wildly at the sport they love. For $1,500/yr (or $450/3mo), you may take part in up to 7 days of training & games per week year-round. Use promo code "Tryout" for a free trial. Call 925.979.5027 to chat. Free Sign-up

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We supply video content on YouTube such as games, highlights, debates, and backstories. We also provide basic updates through our Twitter and Facebook pages, and use MailChimp to email everyone about special events. Lastly, we constantly add engaging images and short videos to our Instagram feed.

We have it all!

League games, tournaments, skill workouts, private sessions, team practices, shooting sessions, open gyms, boot camps, monthly clinics, travel tournaments, summer camp, winter camp, pick n roll workshops, agility and ability combines. It's all included, and all optional. Book Events

$300 for the Year

Sign-Up for either Aurora, Broomfield, Centennial, or Denver to receive 150 workouts. The goal is to improve, there's no committment, and we expect most to use this service to compliment their other team or sport. This is merely the first step of our plan to revolutionize Colorado basketball.


We'll begin by offering players low-cost workouts and games in order to gather the top talent and to raise awareness. The first to officially Sign-Up for our Fall of 2023 draft receive huge incentives, and the rate you begin with is yours forever. So sign-up fast and tell others so that everyone you know can take part.


There's a lot to what we're planning, but take a look at the details page to fully understand the possibilities. The basic gist is that we'll be reorganizaing Colorado basketball so that the training is way more efficient, the games are much more competitive, and the overall atmosphere is far more exciting.


Each of our 16 clubs has teams for all ages, plays year-round, and has a personality all their own. Check out their sites via their logos below: