For efficiency's sake, here's a list of answers to our most popular questions. Feel free to contact us any time.

Call or Text: 925.979.5027

How do we start?

Sign-up to start immediately. You may also tryout in August or March if you're interested in travel ball.

Are there trial workouts?

Yes. You may always join an event at the listed price, and you may even join one workout FOR FREE by using promo code "TRYOUT". We also have an array of prepaid package offers you can view after signing-in. The best deals will always be for members, however.

Any discounts?

$2,000/yr is an unbeatable deal for all we offer, but we dole out 2 scholarships and 1 hardship for every single team within our program that go to the best players who show up to our yearly tryouts. If you're gonna get something for free, we'd need for you to be willing to work harder than most everyone else to receive it. See our registration page for tryout details.

Any monthly plans?

Yes, we have payment plans that are at a higher rate. The longer you sign up, however, the less expensive it is. You also get extra benefits by paying for a longer period of time upfront. Our intent is to honor the players who are extra dedicated.

Are you hiring?

To fill out a job application, simply email us with the link above. Be sure to select "Job Application" as your reason for contact for instant access to apply. Good luck, and thanks for the interest.

Why must we book?

To create a program that's flexible and not too expensive, we must have more kids than each event can hold. So that we don't overpack any event or location, we need to know who's planning to show. We also need a list of people expecting to participate should we have to contact everyone at the last-second for any gym changes or cancellations. All in all, we need this program as organized as can be so that we're able to provide for your kids to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your patience with the system, and for respecting the families in our program.

Anything for beginners?

We've all gotta start somewhere! And believe me, many of our players are working hard to catch up to a slew of others as well. Chances are, the ones you've seen started off from your exact same spot. Know that life is a marathon, and don't miss the opportunity to teach your kids the difference between the perils of wanting instant gratification and the impulse-control benefits of working hard toward a long-term goal.

Is this too much too early?

We don't believe in forcing anyone to put more effort into the sport than they're willing and able, but we do attempt to provide that for those who are ready. We highly recommend playing multiple sports early on, but we do suggest that you keep your current favorite sport going on throughout the year on the off-days. As a parent, we feel if you don't provide this opportunity early on that you are - indeed - forcing them to be behind should they ever choose to want to play the sport at a higher level later on. With other cities getting better so early as well, we must keep pace so that our kids may have a choice.

Why so demanding?

Because we believe in the kids. And it's our desire to combine hard work with their current passion so that they're more likely to be passionate about their hard work as an adult. We make learning to enjoy hard work a fun process.

How is this different?

Our attempt is to have enough integrity to be honest when we say we offer everything you need to be as great as you'd like to become. Most other programs lie in this regard, as they succumb to the reality of not being able to afford enough gym time or by not being able to train their players as hard and as well as they ought to. We could merely scrimmage the kids to make them happy, but we teach them even if they're initially dismayed. We charge the same as other programs, while we also offer 5 times more. We put in a tremendous effort and charge a low fee to provide the best experience, and we have no regrets.

Do you allow girls?

Of course! We see every player as a BASKETBALL PLAYER, and we have many girls in our program at every skill level compete amongst our boys and boys around the area and country. The girls in our program's history have all been wildly successful because of this mindset and their hard work. The lone exception for this is for our high school travel team, as NCAA regulations currently disallow girls to compete in sanctioned high school events for recruiting purposes.

Multi-sport athletes?

Great! Since we go most every day of the week, feel free to sprinkle us in throughout the year. Whenever you're ready to dedicate an entire season to basketball, we'll be here for you. There's too much to gain from playing multiple sports to simply play just one. We tell our players, however, that they should choose a primary sport and then sprinkle the many others around that sport if they truly desire to reach certain heights. Then you can always choose another sport as your primary sport the following year. Just be sure to have fun and work hard.