The following are challenges ranging from easy to (nearly) impossible. Do you have the guts to try one out? Do you have the fortitude to attempt the most difficult ones? And are you such a legend that you'll strive to be the first to complete every single challenge listed? Good luck!

Short Challenges

Try one of these workouts to best hone a specific aspect of your overall game. You can do them at random or maybe use the numbers (1-12) to tell you which month or which grade level to attempt the challenge.

  1. Bassline Playlist Learn to dribble with rhythm through these songs
  2. Movie Clips A bunch of inspirational scenes to make you think.
  3. Dribbling Dojo Drills every ball handler should be doing daily
  4. Fast Class Improve your speed with these drills
  5. Euro Steps Practice these elusive moves to truly master the game.
  6. Dunk School Drills to quickly increase your vertical leap!
  7. Five Minute Rusch When you don't have much time...
  8. Workout Card Just 4 drills per day; doesn't get any simpler than this.
  9. Seven Minute Drill The record is 43!
  10. Shot Shop Ensure your shot is sharp and ready for games!
  11. Ten Minute Drill A collection of difficult drills to prove proficiency
  12. Mastery These drills will improve your overall game


Try one of our projects. Be sure to show your coach! You can do them at random or maybe use the numbers (1-12) to tell you which month or which grade level to attempt the challenge.

  1. Chinese Bamboo Challenge A powerful metaphor, with a challenge that takes years.
  2. THE HISTORY OF HOOPS Video links to the greatest basketball moments ever.
  3. Weekly Improvements Identify a weakness, then crush it!
  4. CHASTAIN CHALLENGE Try this flexible challenge for a month (or ten!)
  5. Five Skills Video your mastery of these skills to make our top 3!
  6. Five Tricks Video your mastery of these tricks to make our top 3!
  7. Meditate... Use our basketball meditation video for sleep and/or game prep.
  8. Six Clinics Win the grand prize at each of our clinics
  9. Hall of Fame Workouts Can you keep up with the greatest?
  10. SKILL CHECKLIST 50 key items our players should eventually perfect
  11. Five Perfect Weeks See what it's like to work like a pro
  12. Preobrazovaniye Completely transform youself in 100 days!


Print out this month's homework to fill out daily. Regardless of how well you do, turn it into your coach at month's end.


Learn our plays to maximize your effectiveness and potential during games.

  • TRIANGLE Our basic set
  • SIDE When the wing denies, we go backdoor
  • ISO 1on1 option from the wing
  • HYPE Posting a mismatched wing
  • 180 Dribble hand-off to 3 options
  • LATERAL Pick n roll options
  • RIGHT On a high post entry, the wing backcuts
  • PYRAMID Screen across, down screen action
  • POLLY Iverson-cut to free up denied wings
  • SCALE Flare screen when over-pressured
  • TANGENT Double on-ball for multiple reads
  • THREE Double-screen away, with an iso option
  • ZONE Pass, cut, penetrate, and kick
  • PRESS BREAK Get doubled, reverse, and flash
  • S.O.O.B. Box to option reads
  • B.O.B. Box to option reads


None of these take any skill or genetic ability, and each of these is worth at least a 5 points' difference during games. Therefore, any team executing each of the focuses below will be able to swing any game up to 60 points in their favor. If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.

  • Defensive Rebounds On shots, get low and hit your man away from the hoop
  • Offensive Rebounds Minus the "get back", all players should crash
  • Communicate Be sure to talk loudly the majority of the game
  • Get Back On the shot, one offensive player needs to sprint beyond halfcourt
  • No Turnovers Minimize risks and allow the best to dribble
  • Patience Utilize our 0-50-100 rule; with 5 exceptions
  • Help-side Occupy the lanes to help on drives and on-balls
  • Pressure Apply and handle pressure to the best of your ability
  • Cut Hard Sprint on inside and wing cuts to keep the defense honest
  • Enthusiasm Whether in or out the game, be excited and energetic
  • Stance Outside of sprinting and jumping, each player should remain low and strong
  • Contest Shots Without fouling, ensure the other team only takes contested shots

Pick n Roll

Master the game's greatest offensive weapon. Regardless of how the defense reacts, there's a way to exploit their action with the following efficient and effective counters:



Our Ability & Agility Combines measure players in a variety of ways to provide them with a relative assessment of where they're at and where they need to be in terms of skill, strength, and other attributes that directly lend themselves to success on the court.



For the players who want "the exact" road to the NBA, use the following as a guide. Try your best to post videos of the following to our YouTube homework section each and every day. At month's end, post either the monthly sports movie review or post a video entitled "Because I'm Trying to Make the NBA" of you running a Nash Drill for each day you missed (with a maximum of 5) as the ultimate avenue of holding yourself accountable. Good luck!