Fill out the form below to register. There's room for 24 players per grade, but only 12 will be accepted. Sign-up now, and we'll email you more details as the time approaches. Contact us any time: 925.979.5027

What's included?

Everything is year-round and optional, but we offer more than any one player could ever handle. This includes weekend league games, monthly local tournaments, M/W/F skill workouts, Tu/Th team practices, weekly open gyms, strength & conditioning, weekly shooting sessions, morning boot camps, ability & agility combines, Pick & Roll workshops, and monthly clinics covering shooting, ball-handling, rebounding, inside scoring, offensive skills, and defensive skills.

Additionally, we have a traveling team that competes against the best in the country to drastically improve each player in hopes of getting recruited. We also have a daily livestream that explains the itinerary outlined in our detailed curriculum while also showcasing players who've posted video of their assigned homework for the day.

Is this too much?

We believe in not forcing anyone to exert more effort into the sport than they're willing and able, but we do strive to provide that opportunity for those who are ready. We highly recommend participating in multiple sports early on, but we also suggest maintaining your current favorite sport throughout the year on the off-days. As parents, we feel that if you don't provide this opportunity early on, you are, indeed, hindering their potential should they choose to pursue the sport at a higher level later on. With other cities around the world improving at such an early stage, we must keep pace so that our kids have that choice. It's our goal to blend hard work with their current passion, fostering a lasting enthusiasm for hard work into adulthood. We make the process of learning to enjoy hard work fun. We only live once, so we might as well make it a life we enjoy and are proud of.

What's the cost?

The yearly cost of $2,000 (upfront) is the most economical way to join, but we also offer alternative plans. Our yearly plan (with installments) is $200 every 2 weeks for 12 total payments, our quarterly plan is $700 every 3 months, and our monthly plan is $300 per month. Kindergarteners through 2nd graders receive an annual lifetime discount of 50% off any plan above, which lasts until you decide to cancel.

Jerseys are included. If selected for our travel team, there are additional costs for tournament fees, car rentals, and house rentals if you choose to stay with the team. However, please note that other programs charge $6,000 per year (or more) while offering significantly less in return.

Any discounts?

For all that we offer, $2,000/year is an unbeatable deal. However, we also provide 2 scholarships and 1 hardship opportunity for each team within our program, awarded to the best players who attend our yearly tryouts. If you're aiming to receive something for free, we require you to be willing to work harder than most others. Sign up for tryouts, and then call us at 925.979.5027 to inquire about available options.

What's the tryout process?

Tryouts last an hour and a half and are designed to allow our four teams per area to select the most skilled, intense, focused, and intelligent players available. We'll contact those who have been chosen within a week (or even by the next day) with an opportunity to join our program at the listed price. Players will be assigned teams based on the group that might best suit their needs and personality. Each player will be on two teams: one team for their grade level that includes three players from each organization within their area, and another team of local players that spans either 1st-4th, 5th-8th, or 9th-12th grade.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can always join a workout event at the listed price, and you can even participate in one FREE workout by using the promo code "TRYOUT." After signing in, you can view an array of prepaid package offers. The best deals will always be for members, of course.

What's our philosophy?

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the game, our goal is to maintain enough integrity to be honest when we say we offer everything you could possibly need to achieve greatness. Most other programs falter in this regard, either due to the inability to afford sufficient gym time or by simply trying to attract players by emphasizing fun alone. Our program is more than just basketball; it's an opportunity to blend development and competitiveness to instill invaluable life lessons. It's a marathon where your kids can learn the rewards of perseverance over instant gratification and the power of striving towards seemingly impossible long-term goals.

College scholarships?

Yes, we provide an enormous amount of support for those seeking college scholarships by: 1) preparing each of our players with the skills needed to reach higher levels, 2) competing against the best teams in the country in our travel tournaments, 3) providing a platform in our homework section for them to showcase their hard work and abilities, and 4) contacting every coach in the country to share these videos, game film, and our travel schedule to best optimize every chance there is at achieving this highly sought-after goal.

Do you allow girls?

Of course! We see every player as a BASKETBALL PLAYER, and we have many girls in our program at every skill level competing amongst our boys and boys around the area and country. The girls in our program's history have all been wildly successful because of this mindset and their hard work. The lone exception to this is for our high school travel team, as NCAA regulations currently disallow girls from competing in sanctioned high school events for recruiting purposes.

Multi-sport athletes?

Great! Since we go almost every day of the week, feel free to incorporate us into your schedule throughout the year. Whenever you're ready to dedicate an entire season to basketball, we'll be here for you. There's too much to gain from playing multiple sports to stick with just one. We advise our players to choose a primary sport and then supplement it with other sports if they truly desire to reach certain heights. You can always choose another sport as your primary focus the following year. Just remember to have fun and work hard.